Live Music

  • Woolfian Tales I: Broken Mirror , 9th Oct, 7:00 pm

    Come now, take a seat and listen to some heart music.

    A young child hides away, nestled inside the space between the bookshelf and his grandfather's ugly, old oak work desk. The child quietly carves his name into the side of the desk, he knows his parents would be angry if he were to be discovered but the satisfaction of making a mark consumes him. It is truly an ugly desk.


    Hosted by:

    - Marco Woolf

    A delicate soul. A singer songwriter who has spent the better part of two years working on an EP that he is finally ready to share. A little insane, wholly passionate.


    - kara.

    Who is kara.?
    Who are kara.?
    What is kara.?

    - Matthew Whitaker

    A wonderfully talented singer songwriter who has very recently released a beautiful album, The Man With the Anvil Hat. A true gentleman, and what does he love?
    "Chutney! Sauces of all kinds, the flavours of the universe to liven up a cheese board. A good cup of tea. The dawn chorus after too many inebrients. A good book to stretch out your mind bag. Crown green bowls. Smoking a pipe whist listening to techno... and finding nice people wherever you go."


    "But when we sit together, close, we melt into each other with phrases"

  • Amelia Coburn Support By Red Old Eyes , 14th Oct, 7:30 pm

    Amelia Coburn

    Support by Old Red Eyes




    BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2017 nominee returns at last after her storming support sets with The Southmartins back in 2015. Developing her skills, style and presence incredibly over the past couple of years, Amelia retains her trusty ukulele, exquisite covers of New Wav, Indie and classic Pop music but has also begun to write beguiling original material which draws on European folk-music, sea shanties and esoteric subject matter. "The voice of the future" - Mark Radcliffe.

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