Past Tents
14th September 2023 - 7:30 pm
The Kings Arms

When Alan’s (Seth Jones) car crashes in the middle of nowhere, he hopes his bad day (which started with his wife leaving him) can’t get any worse… and of course it does. After trudging through the muddy countryside, he comes across a campsite, run by the rather eccentric Virgil (Mark Keegan). With no other options and no signal on his phone, he has no choice but to stay the night. Unfortunately for Alan, there’s only one plot left, situated in-between a doggy-poo bin and the rather annoying Justin (David J. Keogh).

Justin is everything Alan despises – a positive family man with his life completely in control… or is he? Because things are not what they seem and as the tension builds between the men, they start to reveal their true selves… with hilarious and rather unfortunate consequences.

‘Past Tents’ is the story of two desperate people at the end of their tent ropes, forced into each other’s company. Will they end up finding redemption or will they end up killing each other first?

A funny, dark and moving comedy which contains adult themes and language – recommended 16 plus.


The Kings Arms 11 Bloom St
Salford M3 6AN
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