Operated by by sister company Rising Moon Productions, our dedicated events space can be used for theatre, comedy, live music, events and everything in between.


Events in April–May 2022

  • Verbose with Beth Calverley and Sharena Lee Satti
  • Saturday Night Special: Tim O'Connor
  • A graduation show from the Laughing Horse's New Act Comedy Courses
  • The Hunger
  • Dreams of Decay
  • They Came For My Mother
  • A Place To Fall To Pieces
  • A Place To Fall To Pieces, Storytelling Workshop
    A Place To Fall To Pieces
  • Saturday Night Special: Seamus Og
  • Ollie West & The Wildflowers
  • The Dumb Waiter
  • The Dumb Waiter
  • The Dumb Waiter
  • Saturday Night Special: Mark Greer & Company LIVE
  • Saturday Night Special - Cee Cee's Comedy Club
  • Jordan Brookes & Hannah Platt - work in progress
  • Saturday Night Special: KIRK McELHINNEY TRIO
  • Qweer Shorts
  • Qweer Shorts
  • Van Gogh Sunflowers
  • Saturday Night Special: Silly Boy
  • Dan Nightingale is Working It Out
  • DeskJockey Presents
  • Verbose with Betty Doyle and Dave Viney