Far From Home Close To Love
14th May 2024 - 7:30 pm
The Kings Arms

International award-winning actor Benjamin Kelm brings his personal story of his time in New York to the stage. In this poetic narrative, he relates his impressions and experiences.

Join him on a fast-paced roller coaster ride through “the city that never sleeps,” with all the ups and downs, joy and excitement, and laughs and screams!

Ben lived his dream, but it took a lot out of him. In addition to his apartment being broken into, two older men on the street violating his personal space, and the generally overwhelming quality of life in NYC, he also had to deal with the loneliness that came with being so far from home.

He was about to lose himself. But if it was the city that brought him to this point, it was also New York that let him find himself again.

Accompany Ben on his emotional journey as well as vicariously experiencing the uniqueness of New York.

– Benjamin Kelm participated in the “World Championships of Performing Arts” in Los Angeles and represented Germany in acting. In all six categories he was awarded with the highest rating of the jury as well as the Industry Award.


The Kings Arms 11 Bloom St
Salford M3 6AN
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